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The first step is for us to work with you and come up with a strategy to get the results you need. Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of the circumstances, we will craft a path to success and a healthy future for you and your family.

Client Reviews

Jeff A.

I am very happy that I am working with Dulinski Law. I was referred to this practice by a very good friend. Once again and like always, my friend pointed me in the right direction. It was a challenge for me, like I’m sure for many, to really know who you will be working with and not to just feel like just a case in the practice. Working with this Law Firm - Patricia and Taylor, you will experience their strategic approach from fully understanding the case and beyond, their Honesty- which is wholesome, and their kindness. Again I am very pleased with landing on Dulinski Law. I feel a sense of calm and empowerment.

Paul P.

I highly recommend Ms. Dulinski as an extremely competent matrimonial lawyer that I have been a client for several years. She has handled my high conflict divorce admirably. Her skill at defusing high conflict situations and even setting me straight sometimes is what makes a great attorney. Any attorney can throw gasoline on a fire. Trish’s skill lies in doing the opposite and in obtaining compromises under difficult circumstances.

Frank D.

Patricia handled our complicated child custody case over a drawn out procedure with many impediments thrown into the path by the opponent over a 9 month period. A successful conclusion was achieved in a difficult situation involving false Child Protection Services charges; falsified protective orders, and falsified violation of same. Added in were many delaying tactics that had to be overcome. Patricia handled each setback professionally and with compassionate understanding. She knowns the ins and outs of the NJ system.